Spices park Jodhpur



Project Name : The Spices Park

Client: Spices Board India, Government of India.

Location : Jodhpur, Rajasthan                        Project Status: completed in 2012

The Spices Park at Jodhpur, entrusted to Northstone by Spice Board India, is a project housed in a massive area of 60 acres in the desert region of the Indian state of Rajasthan. The contract was undertaken disregarding a very hostile climate, where temperatures range from 4 to 50 degree Celsius. The project consisted of administrative buildings, warehouses and industrial plants for processing a wide range of spices. In addition, a water distribution system for supporting industrial as well as residential requirement of the project was built. The park also houses a pre-engineered structure for processing spices which has a height of 15 meters and span of 30 meters. The massive project also included the overall development of the property, internal roads and compound wall. Further to support this major complex, a substation, container/ lorry yard, weigh bridge, ETP and STP was also built by Northstone. It was a major project and many small scale units are also being set up within the project area. The necessary infrastructure support for these units has been established by Northstone. The project cost was Rs. 200 million.

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